Bringing Donors and Charitable Organizations together to fund Calvert County’s



Calvert Community Foundation (CCF) is a non-profit resource that provides community groups a simple, accountable method to fulfill their philanthropic missions. Tax-deductible donations to CCF will assist community based programs that support the needs of Calvert County families and may assist charitable efforts with matching funds.

The Calvert Community Foundation is a mechanism which allows Donors to connect with Charitable Organizations founded in and serving Calvert County community endeavors.

We simplify charitable giving through a partnership with the Chesapeake Charities, a 501(c)(3) community foundation based in Queen Anne’s County, and serving the Chesapeake Bay region.

THE CCF’s work rests on the belief that through resource development we will provide an opportunity for children and families to thrive in a caring community.

  • we bring Donors and Charitable Organizations together via easily accessible expertise that frees local non-profits to concentrate on their mission
  • we simplify charitable giving, helping individuals, families, non-profits and corporations to make a positive impact on their communities
  • we offer favorable tax treatment for gifts and a variety of giving methods to help people achieve their charitable goals, meeting the unique needs of all residents of Calvert County


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